Using Stagehand as an online Electronic Press Kit

Using Stagehand as an online Electronic Press Kit

Recently, we had feedback from artists who would like to use Stagehand as an online "Electronic Press Kit" to promote themselves to buyers and venue bookers. We make it easy to send one link that contains a description, headline, video, audio, downloadable photos, performance history and more!

The only thing we were missing was the ability to put ALL your gigs on Stagehand. We recognize that not all of your performances will be booked through Stagehand, so we have given you a quick way to add non-Stagehand events.

To manually add a future event to your profile, follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign in to Stagehand
  2. Select "Your Events" from the dropdown menu (top right if on your computer)
  3. On the bottom right you will see a yellow circle with a + sign in it, click it
  4. This allows you as an artist to manually create an event including, time, date, location, description, cover charge etc.

As an added bonus, we can easily integrate upcoming events (Stagehand and non-Stagehand) with your website so that you post once and events are updated in multiple places, contact us to find out how. 

But don’t stop there. Are you opening for one of your musical heroes at the Jubilee Auditorium? Add it Stagehand. Did you get a pack of professional photos done? Add it to Stagehand. Record a video for your new single? Add it to Stagehand. Think of us as an easy way to update your EPK in matter of minutes with a few mouse clicks, versus having to rework an entire page. Put simply, by posting “Check out my Stagehand profile” you let everyone know they can check out EVERYTHING you’re up to, from songs, to snapshots, to shows big and small. You can keep your followers informed with clear, consistent communication on your creative career.

You put your best foot forward when stepping on stage, let Stagehand help you take that first step online.

If you have questions please contact