Sonia Deleo

Baggage Claim 9
eventSunday, October 20, 2019
schedule4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
About the artist
“The stage is where I feel most free, and I've worked like crazy these last three years to bring a dynamic, interesting and energetic performance to any stage I have the privilege of standing on. ” 
Sonia considers herself a vocalist first. She began singing as a shy 12 yr old and never looked back. Guitar came next and in the last two years, while a part of local duo The Fig & The Flame, she dove deeper into honing her writing skills. Now venturing out as a solo singer/songwriter, Sonia has been co-writing with different local musicians, performing on many of Calgary’s stages and will release her debut solo EP in 2018. With blues/soul in her bones and a fierce but gentle love in her heart, she gives a passionate and honest performance. Her songs are both lyrically potent and melodically interesting, and when you mix all of that with her dynamic vocal range, what you get is a sound you’ll want to hear again and again.
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