What is Stagehand?

Stagehand serves the grassroots arts community by providing a web based platform that connects Artists with Venues to book and promote live events. We are not a Venue or an Artist or an Agent or a Manager or a Promoter. Think of us a publicly available infrastructure that helps all of the above more easily do their job so that careers can progress, venues can be more successful and more people can experience the magic of the grassroots arts scene. In brief, we help grassroots arts communities thrive.

How does it work?


Users create profiles that tell other members of the ecosystem who they are and what they have done. If you are an Artist that may include links to your work, where you have played, photos and more. If you are Venue it means who has played there, what dates are available, what PA is available and more. Stagehand makes it easy for users to find others in the ecosystem that they might want to work with.


Stagehand puts the contracting process online so that agreements are clear, stored in a central location and easy to manage.


Once events are booked they are visible on the Artist and Venue profile, they can also be automatically pushed to a Venue website via a widget so performance listings are always up to date. No need to rely on your web admin to manually update events. Lots more coming in this space!