Reimagining live music
Creating innovative ways for organizations and artists to work together
Redefining what it means to be a live music venue
Live music can bring any space to life. At Stagehand, we've redefined what a music venue can be because we know that live music has the ability to enhance the experience of any setting.
From breweries to backyard livestreams, cafes to community streets - anywhere can host live music performances.
Anywhere can be a stage for live music. Let us give you a hand.
“Stagehand has taken our music program to a new level! We now have more artists and a better selection process, with less staff hours required. Stagehand has delivered everything it promised and more."
Chris Chodan
Senior communications Advisor, Edmonton International Airport
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Improve customer experience
Highlight local talent and culture
Simplify the details
New opportunities
New audiences
Simplify the details
Discover talented artists
Promote your shows
Simplify the details

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