Right Music
on the Right Stage
Stagehand makes it easy for music venues to connect with artists to book and promote events.
Running a music venue is a challenge, we can help.
Booking acts means you need to keep a lot of balls in the air, finding and communicating with artists, booking, rebooking, promoting, managing contracts, scheduling and more. Stagehand will take care of the details so that you can take care of your business.
"What used to take me 5 hours, now takes 20 minutes."
Sylvia Johnston
Owner, Cornerstone Music Cafe
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Discover Talent
Find the right fit.

Discover Talented Artists

Find the right fit. Artists connect with all the details that you need to quickly decide if there is a fit for your venue. Additionally you can search a huge local database by genre, experience, location and more.
Simplify the Details
Stagehand keeps it all straight!

Simplify the Details

Running a music venue involves a lot of administrative details. Communicating with artists, signing contracts, managing a schedule, booking and rebooking. Stagehand helps keep it all straight.
  • Centralize Communication
    Are you suffering from information overload from artists? Email, social media, phone calls, texts, walk-ins. Stagehand provides a convenient way to centralize communication with artists, both during the initial discovery process and then through the booking process. All communication with an artist is attached to the booking request/event so that you can easily reference what was agreed to for the performance.
  • Online Contracts
    Stagehand puts contracts online so that at the push of a button venues can share their contracts. Artists also agree to your contract online making the process quick, efficient and clear.
  • Manage a Schedule
    Dynamically manage your availability online. Have artists apply for dates that you both have available in your calendar. When dates are booked, they are automatically removed from your calendar so that other artists don't request them.
Promote Shows
Automatically update your website.

Promote your shows

Stagehand intergrates with the venue's website to automatically display events that have been booked with Stagehand. No more manually updating events and out of date calendars.
Gather Data
All the information you need.

Gather valuable data

Stagehand allows music venues to capture and report on valuable data about performances. How was attendance? What were till receipts? Was the artist a good fit? All of this information helps with decision making in the future.
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