Engage customers
with music
Stagehand makes it easy to work with talented local artists.
Music has the power to enhance the emotional connection between your guests and your brand.
Stagehand enables non-traditional music venues, like Airports or Malls, to improve customer experience and intergrate local culture by workings with artists. We understand that enterprise venues face added complexity when it comes to scheduling live music so we've developed a platform that makes it easy.
"Stagehand allowed us to reintroduce street performance to the busiest walking mall in Calgary."
Calgary Downtown Association
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Local Talent
Find more gigs.
Stagehand provides a simple solution to find talent in your area.

Find Local Talent

The Stagehand platform manages the intake and selection of artists interested in working with your venue. View a full profile for each artist including genre, photos, links to their music and videos, so that you can select artists that add to your customer experience strategy. There are so many talented artists in every city, now you don't need to be a booking agent to find them.
Simplify the Details
Streamline your bookings.
Stagehand is an intergrated solution that handles the administrative tasks so you don't have to.

Simplify the Details

We know the devil is in the details and when you are booking live performances, the details matter. Stagehand is an intergrated solution that handles the administrative tasks so you don't have to.
  • Contracts and Processes
    Most enterprise venues have processes that must be followed for contracts, security, communications and more. Stagehand creates a system that manages the details so that everyone knows what to expect.
  • Access Management
    Many enterprise venues are semi-public spaces and authorities need a simple way to differentiate between approved artists and interlopers. Stagehand enables venues to maintain a list of partner artists and these artists have special scheduling privileges making it easy to recognize authorized performances and artists.
  • Automated Scheduling
    When you are managing a complex schedule, the process of booking, changing and cancelling performances is an ongoing struggle. Stagehand simplifies the process by enabling partner artists to manage their own performances and then dynamically updating availability based on what has been booked.
  • Promotion
    Everyone wants to see their name in lights and Stagehand makes it easy to promote who is performing where and when. Stagehand has a widget that can be installed on a venue’s website to display an up-to-date calendar of events.
  • Payment
    Stagehand handles payments to artists as easily as Uber handles payments to drivers. No more changing invoices and writing cheques, with Stagehand it is all online.
Collect Data
Important info.
Stagehand collects and manages data for the benefit of all users.

Collect Meaningful Data

Stagehand collects data for the benefit of enterprise venues and artists. Venues have many stakeholders that require information; communications and marketing need it for promotion, accounting needs it for the books and security needs it to manage physical access. Artists need good data to manage when they play, things like: expected traffic, restrictions and payment terms. Stagehand collects and manages data for the benefit of all users.
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