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I'm all about spreading decency and beauty into this world. Through bad times and good times, music connects with people in a way nothing else can. I love being apart of that :)
Replete with a visual song writing style and a bilingual lyrical prowess, Manon Mano weaves together emotionally charged and magical journeys for her listeners – one well crafted song at a time. Her rockin' live performances offer a raw look at her carefree and slightly mischievous spirit - cultivated by a youth spent running through her northern Albertan Francophone enclave home, and the rolling coulee's of the Peace River valley. Since releasing her self-titled debut album in February 2018, she has taken her music anyone is willing to listen online, and has continued to attract a growing number of supporters of all ages. Although having released her first album only a year ago and her EP in October of 2018, Manon is not new to the stage. Having performed at many different venues across Alberta she has grown a vast repertoire of cover songs and original material, it's no wonder Manon can sway any type of audience. With the release of a few music videos she continues to receive considerable traction throughout her social media profiles and is helping propel her onto the independent Canadian music scene. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Manon's performance is always sure to sure to leave the listeners inner child glowing.
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Music type: Original Music
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Genre: Singer/SongwriterAmericanaFolk
Home base: Peace River, AB
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