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Sick peeps and cool tunes! Our show’s always bound to be a good time. If you don’t believe... come check it for yourself!!
Brock grew up on pop punk and sports a Blink tattoo which definitely speaks to the bands indie pop sound. In a couple songs you can pick out a slight shift in genre, there is a good chance what you are hearing is Sams blues and southern rock roots. Colby fills the songs with his wide knowledge of creating EDM songs on his keyboard. If you come close enough to the stage you can feel Cory’s metal roots pounding out of bass amp, and last but not least there’s Jesse. He probably has the hardest job, trying to bridge the genres with percussion. Going from a swing groove, to a 3/4, to a straight up 4/4 pop punk groove. If your anywhere within throwing distance you can bet you’ll hear him belting out lyrics.
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Music type: Original Music
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