Backstage with Lisa Jacobs

Backstage with Lisa Jacobs

The life of Lisa Jacobs has been immersed in music since the very beginning. Although the piano is her first instrument and “Tequila” was her favourite song to play on the acoustic guitar as a kid, the electric bass guitar remains her most beloved.


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Coming from a musical family, Lisa grew up surrounded by sound. Her father, a professional musician, introduced Lisa to the bass guitar when she was just 10 years old, and by age 12, Lisa was playing her bass onstage with her family at the Calgary Blues Festival.


Almost inseparable from her electric bass guitar, Lisa continued to pursue her love of music. She regularly played music in school, directed shows in church, and later, performed in local bars.


While continuing to work as a session musician, Lisa earned her degree in music therapy. As a therapist, Lisa has had the opportunity to create music with people of varied abilities in many different settings including schools, hospitals, and even a maximum-security prison. Lisa says she is grateful for how this side of music balances her and keeps her grounded. 


“It keeps me connected to the real things that matter because in the music industry it’s very easy to lose sight of what really matters.”


Lisa has written, recorded, directed, and performed with a variety of artists, including Juno winner Paul Reddick, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Wide Mouth Mason, Suzie Vinnick, Amy Bishop, and Jann Arden. She was also in a bass-vocal duo band with Jocelyn Alice called Jocelyn & Lisa. The duo played a plethora of live shows, including a Christmas show in New York that featured their rendition of “O Holy Night,” which Lisa alleges is the greatest thing she’s created on bass.


Most recently, Lisa spent six months touring North America as the bassist of “We We Rock You”, a musical based on the British rock band, Queen. 


Although the creative community is facing tough times with the challenges posed by the pandemic, Lisa is optimistic about the future of Calgary’s local music scene. She is inspired by how the community is uniting in support of artists and local venues


“I’m excited because there are people here who care about music and care about the arts and are willing to work at it.”