Road Trip Tunes Playlist

Road Trip Tunes Playlist

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Summer vacations look a little bit different this year.

Instead of jet-setting to faraway locales and packing our passports, we’re settling in for staycations, road tripping to nearby towns, and touring our own cities. There’s no need to worry about currency exchanges and drastic time changes. Although, setting our “out of office” email notifications involves some clever new wording (having not seen the inside of an office for a while). 

While it may not be the vacations we had planned, it gives us a chance to appreciate what’s around us and engage in what we’ve missed while rushing to see the rest of the world. For us at Stagehand, that especially includes appreciating the talented musicians in our home province, Alberta. 

No adventure is complete without a playlist, which is why we’ve put together “Road Trip Tunes”, a collection of songs featuring Alberta artists to serenade you through your car speakers while you cruise to your destination. This playlist will accompany you on your way to a hike in the mountains, to a weekend lounging by the lake, or maybe even on your Sunday afternoon trip to the grocery store—wherever your next great adventure takes you!

Discover a new, nearby adventure and discover some new tunes by Alberta talent!