Stagehand Purpose Statement

Stagehand Purpose Statement

We often get the question “What does Stagehand do, exactly?” so we decided to clearly articulate our "purpose" statement and commit it to paper so it can be read, shared and best of all, understood.

"Stagehand helps Organizations improve Business Results by working with local Musicians and Artists." 

When we say “Organizations” this can vary from non-traditional music venues like airports, office towers, pedestrian malls and microbreweries to more traditional venues like clubs and restaurants. “Business Results” differs from venue to venue, an airport may want to help travellers reduce stress by providing an engaging and friendly environment. A pedestrian mall may want to develop a sense of place where people want to spend time, which in turn leads to spending money with local businesses. A microbrewery might simply want to attract more customers to their tap room to enjoy a local brew.

Stagehand offers an open, transparent process that both artists and venues can operate under. You don’t have to “know a guy” or “be friends with the band” in order to tap into the rich and extensive inventory of local musicians and artists. We help navigate the complexities of finding the right artist for your event and then we streamline the process: contracting, scheduling and paying. You don’t require years of experience in the music industry or insider info; we have that ready for you, when you need it.

For performers, Stagehand helps you find shows in offbeat locales, places which may not have dedicated live music infrastructure but want to improve their customer’s experience. Not only do artists gain an extra gig it also helps pay the mortgage, but you’re also raising awareness of their music amongst a new audience.

We believe that making it easy for new customers to hire artists will ultimately increase appreciation of live music and artists in any city. Anyone seeing a great live performance in a non-traditional venue will think to themselves, “Why don’t we see live music more often?” Next thing you know, you have some new customers getting off the couch to check out an artist they know in a venue they don’t know. But do now!

In short, Stagehand is about accessibility and inclusivity, we want to open not only doors and stages but also minds. We believe if we can do that everyone wins because more people experience the cultural richness and beauty that local artists provide.