Village Voices! Week 1- Meet the Artists


 It's here! With our partners Village Brewery and the Ironwood Stage & Grill we are presenting a songwriters in the round series every Wednesday from 5-7 pm beginning May 16th to June 20th. We have chosen 6 Alberta veteran songwriters/performers to host a show in the round with two special up and comers chosen from the Lumin platform. Our hosts for this series... Todd Stewart (Northern Beauties), Ken Stead, Sarah Kemmers, Luke Colborne (Lucky Sonne), Randy Hutchings (Rustic Bros.) and Justine Vandergrift. We had a larger than expected number of artists apply for this series which tells us we need to do this again soon, so stay tuned for those details over the summer. For now here is what you have to look forward to.
Week one!

Performance - May 16th 2018
Round Host: Todd Stewart
Guest artists: Ann Taylor & Alex Ginella

Venue: The Ironwood Stage & Grill

Cover: Free

Songwriter, Vocalist & Frontman for Calgary roots group the ‚ÄčNorthern Beauties, ‚ÄčTodd Stewart writes music fraught with personal confessions and devout sentiments. He sings right through your heart on every track, taking your hand and pulling you into each moment, it’s music that makes you feel the story before you even know the words of the song.

Alex is a Calgary based singer songwriter who also plays in local bluegrass band; Rotary Park. He released his first solo EP in January 2018 at the Ironwood, and also spent the month of March in Banff for the Singer Songwriter residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and creativity. With a summer filled with shows, and a full length album in the works; Alex is taking the reins on his young and promising career.

Ann Taylor is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from the west coast currently living and falling in love with Calgary, Alberta. Having found her voice during a year long backpacking trip throughout Europe in 2013, Ann Taylor pairs her heart wrenching lyrics of adventure and love with her unique voice and style of music.