Village Voices! Week 3 - Meet the Artists

Salutations everyone! Thanks to the immensely talented Ken Stead for hosting such a beautiful round with Megan Dawson and Sonia Deleo. It was a great crowd that seemed to have grown from our first week! Again thank you to our partners and sponsors Village Brewery and the Ironwood! So much talent in Calgary.

Let's get to it...


Week 3!

Performance - May 30th 2018

Round Host: Sarah Kemmers

Guest artists: Alixandra Cowman & Kendall Rodney Bilan

Venue: The Ironwood Stage & Grill

Cover: Free



Sarah Kemmers has been writing music for over a decade. Sarah writes for and plays with local indie/folk/rock band The Wellington Folk as well as the folk/Canadiana trio Lighter Than Arrows. She has recorded and released 5 albums over the past 6 years with her projects. Sarah’s deep passion for songwriting began when she was exposed to the inspirational and soulful work of James Taylor and Tracy Chapman. She strives to produce songs that are diverse, compelling, and that both resonate with and challenge, people’s experiences.

She's Dolly Parton meets Ingrid Michaelson, She & Him meets Abigail Washburn. Alixandra Cowman's music is heart-forward and honest, and her voice is a powerhouse blend of her classical training and her experience in the world of folk music.

Kendall Rodney Bilan creates music which reflects the landscapes that inspire him. Growing up in Calgary AB, he has had the privilege of spending countless hours in the Rocky Mountains. Kendall’s soft and melodic voice winds through his music, with the accompaniment of effortless acoustic guitar playing that seems to speak from the heart of the Canadian Wilderness.