Chloe Brodie

eventThursday, April 20, 2023
schedule7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (MDT)
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“Chloe Brodie is an artist who explores various genres in her performances. Stylistically, she ranges from soft acoustic covers to more upbeat band jams to even her own original music. ” 
Chloe Brodie’s genuine and inventive voice rises above and beyond. In incorporating elements from a wide range of musical styles, she is able to craft a unique performance that draws listeners in. Her distinctive sound blends jazz, blues, folk, and soulful techniques acquired from her diverse musical training background and vast performance experience. Her shows are laced with originality in the combination of her authentic renditions of well-known tunes and honest delivery of intricately crafted original songs. Her authentic musicality shines in every performance as she establishes a connection with audience members and uses her music as a threshold to share stories that resonate with them. Chloe has performed and been enthusiastically applauded, praised by music fans and musicians alike, and backed up on stage by the very best of veteran players at various Alberta music venues. In addition to her professional vocal training, she also has years of experience with guitar, piano, and saxophone. Chloe received a scholarship to participate in a five week long performance intensive program at Berklee College of Music, the Aspire Program, in the summer of 2022. “Chloe has an incredibly powerful voice and this cool, confident stage presence; and the bonus is she’s a killer guitar player. The most fun I have is watching audience members lose themselves in her live performance and then lose their minds in encore. This is definitely a musician to watch.” - Kent McAlister (frontman for The Iron Choir; ex-guitarist for Ridley Bent, Mariel Buckley) For performance videos, please see @chloebrodiesings on instagram.
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