Friday evening Live Music at The Mash on 17th Ave

eventFriday, April 14, 2023
schedule7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (MDT)
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About the artist
“Hayley Isabel more Music more Happiness” 
Hayley Isabel is a singer-songwriter from Airdrie; plays guitar, piano and ukulele. Hayley has an extensive repertoire of music and a natural ability to connect with an audience. Hayley has had the opportunity to open shows for some great established musicians such as Kyle McKearney's Album Release, Smilin' Ryan at the Airdrie Children's Festival and The Scarecrows at Pete Knight Days Rodeo. She has experience playing along Calgary’s music mile at: the Ironwood Stage, Jams Diner, Cafe Gravity and other restaurants and stages around Calgary and area. She plays a great mix of country with a blues vibe, some pop with a country twang, a few oldies and she will throw in some originals too. Hayley is currently 11 years old. Hey, I'm Hayley Isabel. I have always been and always will be obsessed with music. I've been singing ever since I could remember, meaning belting out Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood (my mentors) songs in the back of the car as loud as I could and performing for my family! From a very young age my mom put me into every activity to see what I gravitated towards; what my mom didn't notice is that on the way to everything I was singing along to every song on the radio. Shortly later at age 6 I started piano lessons; that's when my love for music really took off! My life revolves around music. Music has always brought me so much joy and I hope it brings you the same amount of joy listening to me! More Music More Happiness. 😁💙🎵
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