Dave Morris Music

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eventSaturday, August 19, 2023
schedule6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (MDT)
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About the event
Heritage Park is an iconic Calgary Landmark with its beautiful location, vintage Calgary Histories, and over 180 exhibits and 55,000 artifacts. Heritage Park first opened its gates on July 1, 1964, and it has grown into one of Calgary’s premier tourist attractions. It includes historial area tours, fine dining kiosks and restaurants, live music and many other onging attractions.There’s something for everyone at Heritage Park, and one visit will make you want to come back again. On Aug. 19th, through vocals and guitar Dave Morris will play a variety of music covering many decades, including country, jazz, pop, and some originals and instrumentals. And in his musical experiences Dave has performed at restaurants and live-music festivals in Calgary, BC and other locations, and has also been fortunate enough to entertain at weddings and other milestone celebrations. Contact Dave at dwmorris5@hotmail.com should you wish to book.
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