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eventFriday, December 15, 2023
schedule7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (MST)
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About the artist
“Meera is an up and coming small town singer-songwriter who has been performing for the past 10 years. Half of her music is composed of originals, and the other half country and rock. ” 
Meera is a solo artist & guitar player with a soulful voice. She has played at various cafes and restaurants around Calgary as well as her hometown in northern Alberta. She’s incorporating original music into her sets, and will be competing at a provincial level music show in the winter. Looking to get serious in music aside from her university degree, she’s motivated to share her songs with the music community here in Calgary! She is competing in a province-wide music competition called Polyfonik in June, which may give her the opportunity to tour and perform around Canada in March 2025.
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