Neil Speers

Main Stage
eventThursday, September 19, 2019
schedule3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
About the artist
“Blues and jazz-based singer/songwriter, mixed with rock and roll.” 
NEW CD - Snapshot Blues - released June 17 at The Ironwood Stage and Grill. Six song EP of blues with jazz textures - cool grooves, tasty turns and gritty back-alley guitar playing. I was that kid who borrowed a mandolin for a few weeks, spending hours and hours learning to play it. Noticing the dedication I showed, my parents bought me a guitar for my 16th birthday. Now I create a blend of singer/songwriter, blues and roots, mixed with hints of rock and roll, R&B and light jazz. And when it's right, I include my contemporary instrumental acoustic guitar compositions. In 2008 I won an award for compositions he contributed to a video (Best Original Soundtrack) which also won Best Film at the GiGi awards. I also have a full-length album and two EP's available. I've also performed across Canada from Vancouver to New Brunswick in a variety of venues, and in several festivals. Primarily a solo performer using an electric guitar with a looper, and acoustic guitar. I also perform as a full band as "Hardwire Speers and The Big Heat."
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