Nightingale Dance

Milestones Stage
eventTuesday, August 20, 2019
schedule11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
About the artist
“Nightingale Dance is a highly professional belly dance duet that specializes in creating show-stopping and fun dance entertainment for a wide range of events. ” 
Nightingale Dance is a Calgary-based bellydance duo, specializing in both experimental and more traditional forms of Middle Eastern dance. With over 30 years of combined dance experience, Jennifer and Alycia bring creativity and fun to every performance, class, or workshop. Nightingale Dance combines a deep appreciation for Middle Eastern dance forms with a celebration of the power of women's artistic collaboration. Performances are highly interactive and fun community events for the whole family. Depending on the venue and special requests, we offer a combination of choreographed performance and improvised interactive performance with guests. Performances typically include Egyptian and Lebanese music (though we are open to other requests) and can include props such as finger cymbals and beautiful flowing veils. We perform at a wide range events including: fundraisers, corporate events, festivals, weddings, and more!
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