eventFriday, September 27, 2019
schedule8:01 PM - 9:14 PM
monetization_onBy donation
About the artist
“Short in Height, Never Short in Soul” 
Don’t let her dainty appearance fool you. With soul, power and a whole lot of sass, singer/songwriter SallieMae is a force to be reckoned with. Her smooth and soothing vocals will fully immerse you into feeling every emotion channeled into every note of a song. Embodying musical flexibility, SallieMae will satisfy your cravings with her contemporary tastes of R&B and Soul-Pop. She draws musical elements of artists like Raquel Rodriguez, Bruno Mars, AJ Rafael, and Melissa Polinar to inspire her own expression. Through her heart-capturing originals and memorable cover songs she expresses the genuine and raw passion that embodies her musical persona. SallieMae primarily performs as a solo vocalist, accompanying herself with either her electric or acoustic guitar. She has experience in working with full bands as well as supporting other lead singers as a back-up vocalist.
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