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Philip Adams has emerged from the Paris of the Prairies along with his indie tunes over the past three years. With a loop pedal, guitar, keyboard, and microphone, Philip creates a full-band sound.
Philip Adams has emerged from the Paris of the Prairies along with his indie/alternative tunes over the past three years. Philip comes from the musical goldmine with the likes of Joni Mitchell, The Sheepdogs, and Bombargo, and adds his own voice to the “Mosaic” of Saskatoon. The self taught musician/producer’s first released song, “Mosaic”, was recorded on old, worn out guitar strings to symbolize the beauty that comes from what others may disregard and ignore- not realizing the beauty and art within theirselves. Written after hearing two peoples life stories and tragic pasts, Philip did the only thing he knew, which was to capture their stories in song. “Mosaic” is meant to bring hope to those hurting or broken. “12” was written with intent of showing all listeners that they are beautiful. After a night on the beach with a friend who didn’t see her beauty, Philip expressed it through sing. Anyone who listens can place themselves within the lyrics. “You”, the most romantic song and namesake of his EP, can encompass all loving relationships with the compatible lyrics. Last, but not least, “TV love” (PG 13 Netflix and chill) has a catchy beat and a combination of string and synth sounds that will be sure to get caught in your head all day (and you won’t be mad about it). Philip’s live performance is so unique that you will want to hear more just to experience his style. He uses a loop pedal, guitar, keyboard, and loop mic to give you a full band experience from a solo artist. He begins each loop with a single instrument, and each layer grows in dynamics and depth as more are added. You will leave each performance with a unique music experience.
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