Little Ole Wine Drinker

eventSaturday, October 27, 2018
schedule7:00 PM - 9:30 PM (MDT)
About the event
Little Ole Wine Drinker (the artist formerly known as Mark Cassano) is a guitarist/singer/songwriter based in Calgary. Think of him as the metaphorical musical love child of Nat King Cole and Dolly Parton..... hmm... how about Willie Nelson and Norah Jones? Maybe Julie London and Lyle Lovett? Okay... that is not getting any less creepy, but you get the idea. His original songs are a blend of folk and jazz with a touch of blues and country. His set list consists of songs that he loves listening to and learning - and, here's the challenge, songs that he can do some semblance of justice to. They range from classic jazz standards to old time country to Americana. And he will make sure to play his wide variety of homemade mid-life crisis ballads and anthems. Recording will begin on his first solo album - he promises... soon...... he swears..... yep.....
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