Szabo and Ladick - Home at Last

Vin Room West
eventSaturday, October 30, 2021
schedule8:00 PM - 11:00 PM (MDT)
monetization_onNo Cover - but reservations recommended!
About the event
Szabo & Ladick - jazz, pop & crossovers: a lifetime of performing and the experience has curated a repertoire that spans genres. Kim Szabo and Bill Ladick, both originally from Canada, met in Osaka, Japan, while performing in different venues. Their chance meeting soon resulted in collaborative projects, and the realization that they had actually attended the same college. After Kim left Asia for Europe and Bill moved on to Singapore, they lost contact for many years, until by chance made contact again in Calgary. Once again, an opportunity came for them to reunite, and perform together. “Home at Last” has a special meaning for both of them, from a reunited friendship, to new performance adventures here at home in Canada. Szabo and Ladick at Vin Room West Reservations Recommended (587) 353-8812 8561 8A Ave SW Please support live music wherever you can. See you there!
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