Stephen Avenue - 100 West Block
eventSaturday, August 20, 2022
schedule2:30 PM - 4:00 PM (MDT)
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About the artist
“ZENON writes, plays keys and sings Alt. R&B with captivating lyrics and tunes that cleverly dip into other time signatures. Solo or Duo, they fill the airwaves with bold rhythms and powerful vocals.” 
ZENON is a musician who listens to a massive range of music from all over the world and has a unique style borne from this very diversity. This singer and writer performs solo and in a duo known as ZENON+. ZENON plays keys and the occasional strings, writes original Alt. R&B music that cleverly dips into other time signatures and delivers it with smooth, soulful vocals that pack a lot of power. As a writer and vocal coach their lyrics and vocal expression is wide; having studied music they are gifted with a pen that crosses all genres and songwriting for others is another offering in their artistic portfolio. An active musician who has performed at over 50 shows so far in 2022, recipient of the 2021 YYC Prophets of Music Emerging artist award and just announced recipient of the 2022 YYC Music Solo Artist of the Year Award. This talented Calgary musician is thrilled that their sound is so well received and that they have new releases that coincides with such an exciting time in their career. GENRE Z (pron. Zee) is a six song EP that embraces much of what R&B has to offer, the name for the EP is meant to be inclusive so be prepared to hear diverse time signatures, captivating lyrics, bold rhythms and the intentional use of space, all distinct to ZENON’s music style. You can find links to new music at https://www.zenonepp.com
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