Backstage with Sonia Deleo

Backstage with Sonia Deleo

One day, when she was 11 years old, Sonia Deleo woke up with a song in her head. She scribbled a set of lyrics onto a piece of paper and tucked it in her pocket, anxiously waiting for the right time to show someone what she had created. Years later, Sonia’s musical mind is still busy crafting and sharing songs, eager to have her sound play a part in creating memorable moments.


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Sonia describes her younger self as a “shy extrovert.” She always loved music, but it took some coaxing to get her out of her shell and singing in front of an audience. Ultimately, her involvement in the church choir (as the youngest member) and musical theatre throughout junior high and high school is what helped her to find her voice.


Since then, Sonia has become an unstoppable force, pursuing her love of music and performing in many different settings such as Cornerstone Music Cafe, Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar, and the Ironwood Stage & Grill.


One setting Sonia never expected to perform was at the Calgary International Airport.


“I’d never seen music in airports or heard of such a thing, but when I heard about it, it was a hard yes for me immediately. I love the airport, I love people and I think the airport just has so many storiesthere are so many reasons to fly somewhere!”


Sonia continues to write and release new music, many of her recent themes focused on finding hope in times of chaos, or in her words, “pointing your face towards the sun.” Her music reflects her optimism about the current challenges artists are facing. In some ways, Sonia says she is grateful for how the pandemic has strengthened the sense of community between local musicians.


“We all felt this same vulnerability and it feels like we all have to lean on each other a little bit and we have to be a community. I hope that I’m right and I hope that we don’t lose sight of it.”



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